This is what the Melkbos Care Centre does for me!

  • Enrolled me into a good school
  • Provide me with school clothes, shoes, books, bag, stationery, cover school expenses and everything I need for school
  • Wash my school clothes every day and I can have a hot bath there too
  • Take me to and from school every day so that I dont get wet in the rain and have to walk on busy roads alone to school (we provide school transport for 93 children daily)
  • Help me with my homework, projects and studying for tests, and I can also go onto the internet at the Centre to do research, and play games when all my work is done
  • Feed me a healthy cooked meal when I get back from school and again before I go home
  • Make me a sandwich to take home too
  • Take me to the doctor when I am sick
  • Encourage and motivate me to attend school everyday
  • Extra lessons and extra mural activities like soccer, dancing, art, pottery, swimming, kumon maths etc
  • Take me on fun and educational outings
  • Celebrate my birthday with me with presents and cake
  • Most of all they give me love, care and emotional support
Melkbos Care Centre Melkbos Care Centre

The Melkbos Care Centre is a registered non-profit care facility for children. The Centre is not government funded or subsidised and relies solely on the donations of individuals, companies and organisations to provide the care free of charge to these underprivileged children. We are a registered NPO, with PBO status and we are also registered with the Department of Social Services. We provide our services to orphaned and underprivileged children, many of whom live in homes affected by HIV Aids and substance abuse. Our services are a life line to many of the children who attend the Centre, whose parents/guardians are unable or unwilling to provide for the needs of their children.

Melkbos Care Centre Melkbos Care Centre