Busy First Term at the Centre

April 2012 – Marzanne Esterhuizen

It was a busy first  term for 2012, filled with new experiences and challenges.

Holidays quickly arrived with the promise and smell of sweet chocolate covered marshmallow eggs to be found in the exciting Easter egg hunts! With no worries and relaxing time ahead for two weeks we kicked of the Easter holidays next to the pool to enjoy the last bit of summer fun in the sun.  Days at the pool were much enjoyed, and we stayed there from morning till late afternoon.   The children enjoyed splashing and swimming all day long and we replenished the energy levels with yummy snacks and beverages.  We knew that the day was a success when every child looked weary eyed and exhausted when getting into the centre’s bus to go back home, but still they had enough energy left to ask when we would be coming to swim again!

We welcomed some new additions to the Care Centre Family and it brought us much joy to see them experiencing one of their very first outings and grinning from ear to ear.

Going to the movies is a big treat, but when they heard that it was going to be in 3D they were very excited. It was quite a scene with all of our children bobbing up and down trying to dodge ‘things’ coming out of the screen.  Again it was just so special to see how much the children enjoyed things most of us take for granted and experience so often in our normal daily lives.

As we draw near to the end of this special holiday and look back on the Easter egg hunts, the swimming and the movies, we cannot feel more blessed that we have such generous sponsors and donors in the community that allow us to give these special children such awesome experiences and memories for life.

Special thanks to Nuclear Consultants International for sponsoring the outings, Parklands Pre- Primary and Canal Walk Management for the Easter egg donations.